All toxic substances safety cabinets are designed to comply with Australian Standard AS4452.
Suitable for pesticides such as Cyanides, Lead compounds, Phenol and Cresols etc.

※Class 6 Toxic Substances (AS4452-1997)
Substances liable either to cause death or serious injury or to harm human health if swallowed or inhaled or by skin contact.


  • FM Approvals certified, comply with NFPA & OSHA regulations.
  • Heavy-duty steel construction.
  • Lead-free epoxy powder coating finish.
  • Double wall construction with 38mm air space efficiently isolates from combustion.
  • Galvanized steel shelves.
  • 3-point self-latching doors with all non-spark latching.
  • Paddle handle locking latch.
  • 1.2mm cold-rolled continuous piano hinge.
  • Adjustable zinc plated leveling feet.
  • Dual 2” vents with caps and flame arrester placed at both side of cabinets.
  • Large warning label.
  • Static grounding wire (UL listed).
  • 2 inch deep leak-tight containment sump.


Capacity GallonExt.Dim.
No. of
Order No.
4435*435*630352*352*4831Single door/manual closeM1004GY-R
   Single door/self closeS1004GY-R
12595*460*9605512*377*8131Single door/manual closeM1012GY-R
   Single door/self closeS1012GY-R
15595*460*1190512*377*10431Single door/manual closeM1015GY-R
   Single door/self closeS1015GY-R
22595*460*1720512*377*15733Single door/manual closeM1022GY-R
   Single door/self closeS1022GY-R
54595*860*1720512*777*15733Single door/manual closeM1055GY-R
   Single door/self closeS1055GY-R
301090*460*11901007*377*10431Double door/manual closeM2030GY-R
   Double door/self closeS2030GY-R
451090*460*17201007*377*15732Double door/manual closeM2045GY-R
   Double door/self closeSY2045GY-R
60860*860*1720777*777*15732Double door/manual closeM2060GY-R
   Double door/self closeS2060GY-R
901090*860*17201007*777*15732Double door/manual closeM2090GY-R
   Double door/self closeS2090GY-R

#Extra steel shelves can be ordered.