When arranged in triple stackable configurations, this unit meets GLP requirements by helping to avoid patient-to-patient cross contamination in individualized patient-specific clinical incubation applications.

Improved Temperature Stability with D.H.A. System

P.I.D. controlled 3-way heaters plus Panasonic’s proprietary D.H.A. (Direct Heat and Air jacket) provides a high-precision temperature environment, and minimizes the risk of condensation now and in the future.



  • Preventive Contamination Control
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Field-reversible Door
  • Active Background Contamination Control
  • Heat Decontamination Not Required
  • High Performance In Vitro Modeling
  • Automatic CO2 Cylinder Switchover System
  • Ergonomic Design (Compact, Triple Stacking)
  • TC Sensor System
  • Compact, triple stacking
  • Single chamber
  • Active Background Contamination Control
  • Patented Direct Heat and AIR Jacket Heating System
  • inCu saFe copper-alloy-stainless interior, shelves and plenum
  • SafeCell UV continuous active background ultraviolet light sterilization
  • Water Level Sensor
  • Automatic Gas Cylinder Switchover System (Optional)
  • In Vitro Fertilization Applications



External Dimensions (W x D x H)480 x 548 x 575 mm
Internal Dimensions (W x D x H)350 x 378 x 375 mm
Volume49 liters
Net Weight49 kg
Temperature Control Range & FluctuationAT +5 ~ +50, ±0.1 °C
Temperature Uniformity±0.25 °C
CO2 Control Range & Fluctuation0 ~ 20, ±0.15 %
O2 Control Range & Fluctuation
Humidity Level & Fluctuation95, ±5 %RH
Sterilisation Method
Temperature SensorThermistor
CO2 SensorTC
O2 Sensor
Exterior MaterialPainted Steel
Interior MaterialStainless Steel Copper-Enriched Alloy
Insulation MaterialRigid polyurethane foamed-in place
Heating MethodDirect Heat & Air Jacket System
Outer Doors1
Outer Door LockN/A
Field Reversible DoorIncluded
Inner Doors1
Shelf Dimensions (W x D x H)310 x 310 x 12 mm
Max. Load Per Shelf4 kg
Max. Shelf Capacity6
Access Port1
Access Port PositionRear Upper Left
Access Port Diameter30
Power FailureN/A
Out of Temperature SettingV-B-R
High TemperatureV-B-R
Out of CO2 SettingV-B-R
Out of O2 Setting
Door OpenV
Power SupplyLocal
Noise Level24 dB