Environmental Testing Chambers. Temperature and Humidity testing chambers for Aeronautics, Automative, Building Materials, R&D laboratories and Quality Control according to the highest quality and most demanding standards

Aralab | FitoClima 600 & 1200 Stability

Stability storage chambers for Temperature and Humidity testing applications and according to ICH guidelines. Unsurpassed reliability in recreating and maintaining stable and uniform environmental conditions.

Available with FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliant controller and software for data logging.

IQ, OQ and PQ (Installation Qualification, Operation Qualification and Performance Qualification) for mandatory quality qualifications.

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Aralab | FitoClima Stability Testing Rooms

Environmental Controlled Rooms with multiple tiers, each with independent light intensity control.
With total control and great homogeneity of the climatic conditions, these chambers can simulate temperature, light, humidity, CO2 and even wind in order to replicate all environmental conditions the research may require.
Multiple light types and shelving configurations to fit research needs.
Easily program conditions through ClimaPlus: a user friendly color touch-screen interface.

Fitolog Software

Fda 21 CFR Compliant, The Fitolog Software Suite Is A Set Of Applications Designed To Monitor And Log Data From The Chambers Processes Variables. The Software Consists Of 3 Applications: Fitolog, Fitologview And Fitoprogram

Climaplus Touch-Screen Controller

Easy To Use Touch-screen Interface With Graphical View Of Programs And Climatic Variables.
Password Protection Of Controller Functions.
Non Volatile Memory.
Controls Every Environmental Variable Available For Any Specific ARALAB Climatic Chamber

Aralab was founded in 1985. A manufacturing company of research-oriented laboratory equipment with focus on temperature and environmental simulation chambers. Since day one Aralab has perfected ways to simulate and control temperature, humidity, light, air flow and many other environmental conditions. In cooperation with customers from around the world the company grew in 3 areas of expertise: BIO - Plant Research applications; STABILITY - Pharmaceutical Stability; TESTING - Environmental Testing; Company still drives upon developing solutions that go beyond the expectations of users so customers can enjoy the best equipment for their research and testing applications.